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Overwatch Hookmaster Roadhog To Get A Nerf Soon

Overwatch Hookmaster Roadhog To Get A Nerf Soon

From the beginning people have complained about Roadhog’s hook and how it can sometimes pull enemies from the corner or even through the walls. No more, says Blizzard.

On the Overwatch forum, principal designer Geoff Goodman talks about upcoming changes to the hero, especially his hook ability, “Firstly, the hook victim will now move in to the position directly in front of Roadhog, rather than just a straight line towards him. There is a cap on how far ‘to the side’ you can be pulled, so you can’t just hook someone, spin 180, and dump someone off a cliff. This part (along with some other bug fixes) should generally make the hook feel more consistent as to where the victims get pulled.”

The line of sight check will be changed to originate from Roadhog’s position instead of the hook’s, making sure that he can’t hook anyone who is actually not in the line of sight. It will also add a new “persistent line-of-sight check”, allowing players to break free of the hook if they’re able to get out of the line of sight through dashing, falling or being pushed out of the way.

“Overall these changes will likely make Roadhog a bit weaker, but we’ll evaluate his performance once we get people playing him and make adjustments as necessary,” Goodman wrote. The new update is expected quite soon, possibly later this week or next week.

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