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Other Players Not Visible In No Man’s Sky, No Multiplayer

Other Players Not Visible In No Man’s Sky, No Multiplayer

The highly anticipated space exploration survival title No Man’s Sky is out for the Playstation 4, with only two days to go for the PC release. Possibly on a successful attempt to break the internet, the game seems to have been received well. The game was always thought to have a multiplayer experience as well, with the ability to meet other players, though developer Sean Muray had said that the chances of meeting another player were close to zero.

To put this theory to test, Reddit user TheGalacticCactus partnered up with another player, both of them streaming their gameplays to Twitch at the same time. Here’s the result: Despite being at the same location, they were unable to see each other at all, as you can see in the screenshot below. Both the players were at the same location, but at different times.


Now if this is true, it would be in direct contradiction of what Murray had said back in 2014, about players being able to see each other, though chances for that being abysmally low. However, one thing that the developer has explicitly made clear is that No Man’s Sky is NOT a multiplayer game and players shouldn’t go in expecting that kind of an experience, which in turn has been confirmed by players as well.

Despite the apparent lack of the ability to spot other players, or the definite lack of multiplayer, No Man’s Sky is still a highly ambitious attempt to create a seemingly limitless universe, giving the player complete freedom to traverse on diverse planets and interact with their unique flora and fauna, harvesting resources, trading, building and fighting to survive.

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