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No Man’s Sky NEXT Launches July 24, Adds Multiplayer And Third-Person Mode

On July 24th No Man’s Sky Next will launch as a free update for everyone who owns the game. On behalf of myself, and the team at Hello Games I just want to say – Thank you. We are so excited to have made Next, and to continue to improve and develop No Man’s Sky, because of you, the community who play, explore and share this universe with us. It means so much to us. Hello Games, an indie development team based in the United Kingdom, released a new trailer today revealing the first look at multiplayer gameplay in No Man’s Sky. The new mode will be added to the limitless procedural universe across all platforms next week via the No Man’s Sky NEXT update, coinciding with the game’s launch on Xbox One, in a publishing partnership with 505 Games for physical retail. With this launch, players acr...

Is No Man’s Sky Finally Getting Multiplayer And Good Story Campaign?

No Man’s Sky is about to drop it’s next big update, Atlas Rises, and it seems like the game has some major new features to add. Here’s the official announcement from Hello Games: They have also had a fascinating ARG happening around the game these past few months, and players have been digging up what look like signs of a proper multiplayer mode and a much meatier story. The way Hello Games are going about it makes this seem almost like a re-release for the game, and we really hope that they have a much more compelling game for us this time around. Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.  

This Is How The “Multiplayer” In No Man’s Sky Works, And Why You Won’t See Anyone

People are speculating about how multiplayer would work in No Man’s Sky, and while developer Sean Murray has confirmed that the game does not have a multiplayer mode as such, and the chances of meeting other players are close to zero, it hasn’t stopped them from testing it out. As covered in a previous post, two players coordinated with each other in an attempt to meet in the large universe of No Man’s Sky, and even though they managed to reach the same place, they weren’t able to see each other. This is has raised some issues with fans’ expectations from the game, but here’s why it might not be possible to run into someone else when you’re out in the galaxy exploring. The two players, even when playing at the same time, may have their own instance...

Other Players Not Visible In No Man’s Sky, No Multiplayer

The highly anticipated space exploration survival title No Man’s Sky is out for the Playstation 4, with only two days to go for the PC release. Possibly on a successful attempt to break the internet, the game seems to have been received well. The game was always thought to have a multiplayer experience as well, with the ability to meet other players, though developer Sean Muray had said that the chances of meeting another player were close to zero. To put this theory to test, Reddit user TheGalacticCactus partnered up with another player, both of them streaming their gameplays to Twitch at the same time. Here’s the result: Despite being at the same location, they were unable to see each other at all, as you can see in the screenshot below. Both the players were at the same loca...

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