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No Man’s Sky To Take You 5 Billion Years To Explore

No Man’s Sky To Take You 5 Billion Years To Explore

Creators of  No Man’s Sky weren’t fooling around when they revealed that every aspect of their massive space exploration game was procedurally generated. To add to that, cofounder of Hello Games Sean Murray said that the total number of planets generated makes visiting them all virtually impossible–unless you can continuously respawn for 5 billion years.

In an interview with IGN, Murray revealed that the team had been using a 32-bit number to help code for every planet in the in-game universe. This created a total that would take around 5,000 years to see in its entirety, but they seems unhappy with this level of depth and detail–so decided to make it a 64-bit set up.

As a result, No Man’s Sky will feature 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 worlds. That’s 18 quintillion (sounds like something you’d hear on The Big Bang Theory) . And if you were planning to visit each and every world at say a second a world, it would take five billion years and a but loads of rocket fuel.

And the team at Hello Games are planning to catalouge every planet in their virtual universe, however they have had to enlist a bunch of bots to do the job instead of actual humans of taking photos of the surface of each world.

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