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No Man’s Sky Delayed Once Again, Probably For Its Own Good

No Man’s Sky Delayed Once Again, Probably For Its Own Good

Hello Games’ highly awaited open world game has been delayed yet again. The news come from sources that Kotaku are privy to, who say that the game may be pushed back to July or August.

“A reliable Kotaku source was the first to inform us of the delay. A second source, who works at GameStop, said they received marketing materials today for No Man’s Sky with the original June 21 release date. However, stores were informed that the release date is no longer correct and that they should cover it up with a “Coming Soon” label:”-Kotaku

With numerous prior delays, this could raise doubts about how well finished the game is. One can only hope that the delay was add some much needed features or improvements.


However, May was filled with quite a few big releases, including Doom, Uncharted 4, Overwatch & Battleborn, all of which are huge time-sinks taking their multiplayer components into consideration. It’s enough to last the whole summer, also considering Witcher’s 3 expansion is on the way. So it kind of makes sense to delay No Man’s Sky a bit so that it gets the right attention it deserves. with it’s huge procedurally-generated world, Hello Games will want players to take the time and dig in to their game. Delaying the game till July or August will also keep its away from all the attention E3 will be getting.

No Man’s Sky has been making some really big claims, and much of it’s mechanisms are still unclear. Lets hope that the game delivers on its promise upon release. And also that it actually releases, instead of taking the 10 year sabbatical like The Last Guardian (it’s back though).

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