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Nier: Automata Has A Nude Mod That’s All About 2B (NSFW)

Nier: Automata Has A Nude Mod That’s All About 2B (NSFW)

Contains NSFW content –  You’ve been warned.

The internet has been going crazy ever since the android 2B’s glorious behind made an appearance in Nier: Automata, and guess what? Now there is a nude mod for the game. Surprising? Absolutely not.

The mod makes major modifications to 2B’s costume, revealing her bosom. Not only that, it goes on to remove her leotard, exposing her….lady parts, which can be seen when her costume is ripped apart in the self-destruct mode.

It is in no way flawless, as admitted by the creator, and it can cause a few issues like changes in the skin tone when the lighting changes or some textures that look metallic.

“This was also a lot harder to make than I had first anticipated, due to the design of 2B’s costume and the way the textures worked, so I had to try redesign her costume 2B (pun, sorry couldn’t help myself) more revealing. More apologies as there are quite a few issues with this mod, the main issue being the skin tone, it changes colour a lot due to the lighting and can sometimes look very contrasting in comparison to the leg skin tone. For that reason I’m gonna claim that this mod is a see through, string sort of costume. I know I’m such a sneaky ass snake, but I am looking into a way to fix that, so I may release a second version if I can find a fix. Another issue I only noticed when looking through my screenshots, 2B’s stockings become very metallic, glossy looking. I know how to fix this issue but then it breaks the skin tone more, so again looking into it. But for now I hope you enjoy my mod; I haven’t got very far in the game, so any bug reports other than the issues already mentioned would be most appreciated.”

The mod can be downloaded on Art-Of-The-Body’s DeviantART page along with the installation instructions. Beware, though, it is highly NSFW.

In order to apply the mod, you need a PC copy of Nier: Automata on Steam, which you can buy for INR 1999.

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