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NFS Payback Pre-Order Bonus Is Absolutely Ridiculous

NFS Payback Pre-Order Bonus Is Absolutely Ridiculous

Have you ever wondered about the dull, depressing colour of the smoke that rises from the wheels of your car? Are you tired of seeing your tires not get the bling treatment like the rest of your vehicle? Worry not, my friend, for the smoke won’t be as grey as your moral outlook any more.

Platinum Blue Tire Smoke, brought to you by the one and only NFS Payback. No, it’s not a joke. All your dreams are going to come true. That girl who wouldn’t give you a second look because you’re nothing but a loser who plays games all day? When she sees those shiny particles rise as your wheels grind against the road, guess who she’s gonna call to grind her wheels? You. You will give the phrase “Smoking Hot” a whole new meaning.

Alright, enough. Let’s get serious. The Platinum Blue Smoke colour is a part of the pre-order bonus for the upcoming NFS title. The bonus also includes 5 exclusive customized cars, but I think it’s hilarious how EA is toting a new colour for tire smoke as incentive for people to pre-order a game. I mean, seriously? Try to imagine how that meeting would’ve taken place. I can only hope that EA went ahead with this because they believe in “no such thing as bad press”, which looking at their track record, wouldn’t come as a surprise. In any case, I can’t think of anything to say about this that’s not stupid or sarcastic or both, so I’m just going to leave this meme here and go. Have you noticed how memes have become one of the most common and “effective” ways of communication? It scares me.

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  1. Hahahahahahaha….next they’d probably give you tinted glass as a pre-order bonus.


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