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News: Nintendo Switch’ new KILLER-APP ?!

News: Nintendo Switch’ new KILLER-APP ?!

The Nintendo Switch has well over a thousand !! impressive game titles running on the system and there are more coming every day, but the list of apps other than games is rather short. Just released onto the Nintendo Switch e-shop is #InkyPen, an online subscription service which let’s you read your favorite #comics, #manga, #strips and #graphic #novels right on your Nintendo Switch!

With thousands of publications live, and – supposedly – more to come, it seems that for the fan, this is a killer app when you love games just as much! Connect to the internet to browse the impressive store, download your selection and off you go! Take your favorite manga with you as you travel by train and flip through the latest comic whilst sitting in the plane. I have only begun to scratch the service but so far I am quite impressed, and I will be making a review video on this after my Europe tour, starting today!

News: Nintendo Switch’ new KILLER-APP ?!

Don’t forget the enter the SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive USB controller giveaway if you haven’t already!

More giveaways coming up soon, including some games, stay tuned!

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