News: Nintendo Switch’ new KILLER-APP ?!

The Nintendo Switch has well over a thousand !! impressive game titles running on the system and there are more coming every day, but the list of apps other than games is rather short. Just released onto the Nintendo Switch e-shop is #InkyPen, an online subscription service which let’s you read your favorite #comics, #manga, #strips and #graphic #novels right on your Nintendo Switch! With thousands of publications live, and – supposedly – more to come, it seems that for the fan, this is a killer app when you love games just as much! Connect to the internet to browse the impressive store, download your selection and off you go! Take your favorite manga with you as you travel by train and flip through the latest comic whilst sitting in the plane. I have only begun to scratc...

Comic Con Delhi 2016 | Gaming Central

Gamers, geeks, cosplayers unite at Comic Con Delhi 2016. Here are the highlights from Comic Con Delhi 2016. Find more on our Website:: Be sure to follow us all over social media. We love attention! YouTube:: Facebook :: Twitter :: Instagram :: Edited by: Nikhill Arthur Michigan Music: Lost Under Heaven – I&I

Watch The Official Teaser For Fantastic Four

Here is a look at the new Fantastic Four movie that is scheduled to come out this year in July. In the trailer below you will see the 4 discovering their new found powers and for some reason I get a very strong Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan feel to it and for that reason I am very excited to see this movie.   What do you guys think of this trailer, excited?

A “Sikh” Captain America

I have to admit at the start of this article that I clicked on the video because I saw a Sikh man dressed as Captain America and thought it was pretty funny. Only after watching the entire video did I realise the moral behind it. Mr. Vishvajit Singh, a 43 year old software engineer, walks around the streets of U.S in a Captain America costume with the sole purpose of promoting religious tolerance. In this short clip below titled “Red, White and Beard” you see Vishvajit in his Captain America uniform documenting people’s reactions and also asking them what they thought of his version of the superhero Americans love all so much.   Here is just another video I found online while I was reading up about the Sikh Captain America. About halfway into this video there is a pa...

Heroes with a “desi twist”

Now this is something we found to be very interesting indeed. And this is how Delhi based graphic novelist Raj Kamal lives his life. After his training in graphic designing, he changed his path and took a turn as he became an ad man. But of late he’s been working on something that is completely different from creating illustrations and graphics that has made Raj quite famous in the virtual world. Recently, a string of artwork on super heroes including the likes of Batman, Superman, Wolverine, The Hulk and Wonder Woman began to circulate on social media. Now, that’s not something that’s uncommon. Fans have been drawing renditions of comic book characters for years now. But what makes Raj’s designs stand out, is that they are world famous super heroes with completely ...

4th Annual Indian Comic Con

So the 4th edition of the Indian Comic Con started off in the nation’s capital on Friday the 7th of February at the Thyagaraj Stadium. The 3 day convention has come a long way since it started out four years ago and has seen a significant increase in comic-book publishing companies in India. There are many small publishers who struggle to get their work out across to people because of the unorganized network which compromises of small shops and booksellers.    So we decided to and take a look at what this annual event had to offer this year. Possibly one of Delhi’s biggest pop culture events, Comic Con was quite a blast. The even took up a new venue this year, after hosting it at Delhi Haat opposite INA market. So that meant there was about 50,000 sq.ft of geeks, nerds, cosplay...

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