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New Splinter Cell Game To Be Announced In 2018?

New Splinter Cell Game To Be Announced In 2018?
Update: A recent update on Amazon’s Canadian website listed a new Splinter Cell game, which might indicate a possible announcement coming this E3 2018.

Although Sam Fisher might have skipped the E3 last year but it has been confirmed that he would be returning in a new Splinter Cell game. In a recent interview Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft said:

What we can say is we’re receiving a lot of sketches and proposals around the brand and we’re going to pick one up. I think you will be able to see something, but you will have to wait for that.

It has been 4 years since the last Splinter Cell game was released which was received with positive reviews. The upcoming Splinter Cell would be the 7th instalment in the Splinter Cell series (excluding Splinter Cell Essentials). It would be the first Splinter Cell game for the new generation of consoles. It would be a treat for the fans of the franchise to see Sam Fisher returning as there has been nothing similar to Splinter Cell games.

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