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A Modder Is Trying To Bring New Vegas To Fallout 4

A Modder Is Trying To Bring New Vegas To Fallout 4

If you’re nostalgic and wonder what Fallout: New Vegas would look like if it had been released now, you can put your imagination to rest. A modder, by the name of Sir_Bumfrey_Diggles has taken it upon himself to bring the New Vegas world to the Fallout 4 engine, and it looks fantastic. The project is a work in progress, but you can check out Goodsprings and Primm in the video below.

Sir_Bumfrey_Diggles says he’s working on the world design for the mod, while his friends will be taking care of the quests and scripting. “I have to recreate all the buildings from scratch, but the good thing about New Vegas is that many of the buildings are actually exact copies of others on the map,” he wrote on Reddit. “Essentially the more of the world I build, the quicker I can build.”

He continued, “The aim of this mod is not to recreate New Vegas in Fallout 4, but to use the same location as a setting for another quest mod. That being said, I would be willing to get some of the base New Vegas quests into there just for fun, and if anybody wants to take it further they can use the map, which I will release as a modders resource once its more or less finished.”

You can feast your eyes upon the glorious images from the project below.

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