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Meet Monkey King, The First Original DOTA 2 Hero

Meet Monkey King, The First Original DOTA 2 Hero

The International 6 just keeps getting more and more interesting. Teams that were unknown a year go are taking over the tournament, Pit Lord is finally coming to the game and in latest news, Valve announced another hero, the first one that isn’t a port from the original DOTA.

After yesterday’s matches, fans were asked to stick around fora while for a presentation which turned out to be a martial arts peformance accompanied by Taiko drums, and they the latest addition to the DOTA 2 roster – Monkey King.


Monkey King will be featured as a part of “The New Journey” update, a name apt because it represents the Monkey King’s journey to the West, along with the general direction of the game now that Pit Lord will complete the DOTA 2 hero pool. The hero’s abilities and powers haven’t been revealed yet, but one can take a good guess from the trailer, he’s a martial arts specialist, with the power of illusions, and what seemed like maybe the ability to disguise himself as a tree. We’re thinking maybe Treant Protector and Phantom Lancer got too close maybe, but hey, whatever floats their boats *wink wink*

The International 6 concludes tomorrow, as The Wings Gaming have already secured a spot in the grand finals, and Evil Geniuses and Digital Chaos battle it out to see who makes it to the final game. Stay tuned for more updates.

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