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Mass Effect Andromeda Quietly Drops Denuvo With The Latest Update

Mass Effect Andromeda Quietly Drops Denuvo With The Latest Update

Bioware has removed the Denuvo anti tamper technology from it’s recently released game Mass Effect Andromeda. They did this with a new update 1.09. The patch fixed various single player bugs, and added new multiplayer content and features and also apparently removed Denuvo from the game.

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It isn’t clear if this was intentional or not as there was no information about it in the official patch notes. Oddly enough, in a previous update of Mass Effect Andromeda(1.05) a newer version of Denuvo was included.

Although the game has been cracked within 2 months of its release. Some of the other games have had their Denuvo removed by their respective developer are Hitman, Doom, Inside etc. They might be trying to redeem themselves by removing Denuvo from their game as the game was not well received by fans and critics and received mostly negative reviews and was considered as incomplete and glitchy.

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