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Lenovo Launches Legion Series Gaming Laptops With Y520 and Y720 | Tech Specs and Price

Lenovo Launches Legion Series Gaming Laptops With Y520 and Y720 | Tech Specs and Price

Crashing the gaming laptop party, Lenovo launched a new range of gaming laptops at CES yesterday, as part of the Legion series.

Now, Lenovo isn’t exactly the name that comes to mind when one talks about gaming laptops, but the company plans to cover all the bases with their new series. Both the Y720 and Y520 will be powered by up to seventh-gen Intel i7 Kaby Lake processors, NVIDIA GTX 10-series graphic cards, 16GB DDR4 RAM and either a 512 GB SSD or a 2 TB HDD. This is also Lenovo’s dive in to the world of virtual reality as the GTX 1060 in the Y720 makes it potentially VR capable.


The Lenovo Legion Y720

When compared to the 2014 Y50 laptops, which offered good budget performance but were dampened by a disappointing display, Lenovo has included a full IPS display in both devices in the Legion series, with the option of 4K on the Y720 available as well. To make one thing clear though, the 4K resolution will definitely not be meant for gaming. Still, even for a day-to-day use, the upgrade is noteworthy.

The Y720 also comes with a other fancy features, including a full RGB backlit keyboard and a wireless dongle for the Xbox One controller. Lenovo has an ongoing partnership with Razer, but it hasn’t been specified whether the keyboard in the laptop will have Chroma enabled per lighting.


The Lenovo Legion Y520

The Y520, on the other hand, might not be the apple of the eye, but still sounds decent. It comes with a GTX 1050 Ti, and though you can’t go a 4K display, it’s a worthy upgrade to the Y50’s bad display with a full IPS panel. It has a single red colour backlight for the keyboard instead of the full RGB in the Y720. Way less fancy, but still fancy enough.

The Y720 will be available for USD 1400 while the Y520 will launch at USD 900. These are pretty good deals for gaming laptops, and will certainly turn some eyes. Especially for those who are on a budget but still looking for an upgrade.

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  1. Any info on india pricing 900$=approx 61000 so guess would be good at 7000-75000 but judging from the pricing in indian gaming laptop market it is probably going to be like 90000 to 1 lack

  2. Expected is around 80-85K for the Y520. The Y720 will definitely be more than 1 lakh though, maybe around 1.3-1.4. Fingers crossed!

  3. gtx 960M of lenovo costs around 95K(lenovo ideapad y700). So hard to guess the indian pricing of legion unless they fix the price.

  4. I am a huge fan of Lenovo gaming laptops. i think they are just great.Can you please put the stores where you found these laptops at these prices? Some of these are very overpriced in most of the stores


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