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The Last Of Us Will Be A Trilogy, Joel Might Die By The End [RUMOR]

The Last Of Us Will Be A Trilogy, Joel Might Die By The End [RUMOR]

Naughty Dog has a history with trilogy as they had a trilogy in PlayStation One with Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxster on PlayStation 2 and Uncharted on the PlayStation 3. So as the trend will go on and we might get a Last of Us trilogy on our PlayStation 4.

As The Last of Us Part II, is about to be released rumors have it that Naughty Dog might be planning a sequel to it. Although it might not be soon as Naughty Dog releases their game after a long development period. If we are getting a Last of Us Part III then it might be in the end of PlayStation 4’s life or even after the Playstation 5 releases.

The characters of the Last of Us franchise are laid out and people have grown a liking towards them, same thing happened with Nathan Drake from Uncharted series. But The Last of US Has a much more heavier tone to it, and it’s being speculated that Joel might die by the end of the series. The E3 trailer show Ellie set to get revenge, and there have been theories that this might be to avenge the death of Joel. The Fireflies could’ve have killed him and Ellie is hell bent on killing all of them. So, to cater to their fans they might be develop the Last of Us into a franchise.

The Last of Us was received really well by the critics and gamers. It won the Game of the Year. So expectations for Last of Us Part II are also riding high. Last of Us Part II would be coming to PlayStation 4 and the story takes place 5 years after the events of first one, Joel and Ellie will be returning and this time we will be controlling Ellie.

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