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Kojima Trolls Fans with PT and Metal Gear Solid V Chapter 3

Kojima Trolls Fans with PT and Metal Gear Solid V Chapter 3

In addition to making immersive and story driven games, Hideo Kojima loves playing mind games with his fans and setting up elaborate ruses. Add to that the fact that fans have been quite disappointed lately due to, let’s call it closure with some of his recent work – the cancelled, much awaited horror themed PT, or the long fabled chapter 3 in Metal Gear Solid V – and it won’t be surprising to know that Kojima has played yet another prank on the gaming community.

Fans have always had a tendency to read into things, especially when it’s regarding Kojima, but hey, it’s not like the guy doesn’t fuel the fire. Take a look at the tweet below for instance.

This picture was posted by Kojima’s secretary. Notice the bright surroundings, those rad shades and the sign. Yes, the sign that JUST HAPPENS to read PT. Real subtle, Mr. Kojima. And this isn’t all there is to it. There was another tweet by a fan, who said that Metal Gear Solid V Chapter 3 had been confirmed (only as a joke, mind you). And Kojima JUST HAPPENED to retweet it. Why you do this? WHY?!


Anyway, here is the tweet.

Our broken hearts aside, Kojima Productions’ first game Death Stranding, starring Norman Reedus, is currently under development and will be released for the Playstation 4. In recent news, Ludens, the mascot for Kojima Productions got his own line of action figures, along with the studio’s logo movie. Yes, the movie is just about the logo and Ludens. If that doesn’t say extravagant, we don’t know what does. We really don’t.

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