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Kaleidozone Launches Interactive Virtual Reality Entertainment Centre For The First Time In India

Kaleidozone Launches Interactive Virtual Reality Entertainment Centre For The First Time In India

Pioneer in Real Escape Game forays into Live Interactive Virtual Reality Experience
Takes Digital Entertainment to new heights

Kaleidozone, with a vision to provide Integrated Virtual Reality Experience, today announces the launch of its India’s first ever “Interactive Virtual Reality Entertainment Centre” at the Ispahani Centre, Nungambakkam, Chennai. This innovative Virtual Reality Entertainment Centre will typically be enjoyed by individuals and families in the age group 12 to 35; however, there is no upper age limit to experience this thrill.

Virtual Reality Entertainment is an intense experience where you become completely immersed in the unfolding event to the point where you think you ARE in it. Kaleidozone achieves this by using devices and equipment such as high end computer rigs, head mounted goggles like Oculus, simulators and sensors to track body movement and superbly designed experiences. Each session will last for 5 minutes and that will give a burst of excitement like nothing you have experienced before!

If you thought 3D was fun, wait till you enjoy these truly immersive Virtual Reality experiences: “Ride a Dragon”, “Dragon Lord” and “Balloon Terror”. The realistic graphics and the 360 degree view will immerse you into a whole new utterly “real” world. Chennai will be now one of the very few cities in the world where VR arcade experiences can be affordably enjoyed!

If you want to Ride a Dragon, you will be sitting atop a fearsome dragon that you will fly you through fantastic 1000 year old European landscape. It will be a ride like no other you have ever experienced! As the dragon flaps its wings, you soar higher and higher and then suddenly you dive to a beautiful stone castle. You will then explore the castles and villages of medieval Europe, when all of a sudden an evil dragon tries to attack you? Will you escape?

In Fly a Balloon you will be in a hot air balloon, 5000 ft. in the sky. Then Boom! Something goes wrong! The balloon is on fire! You better escape right now! Your only chance is to leap on to the wooden plank you see that will take you to your partner’s balloon! Hurry! Don’t look down and you may live to tell the tale!

In Dragon Lord, you are the adventurous dragon rider testing your flying skills by taking control of your dragon and collecting as many golden eggs as you can, within a limited time. Collect enough and you will be rewarded with fame, fortune and the title “Dragon Lord”

Call the toll free number 1-800-3000-8358 to register your slot at the game centre. Upon registration, the company will provide the first 200 customers free token to explore the real time experience.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Murali D Barathi, Founder, Kaleidozone said, “We are extremely happy to bring one of the most awaited first ever interactive virtual reality entertainment centre to the Indian market. Kaleidozone provides mind-blowing, immersive and world-class transformational experiences. With this new technological innovation, our customers will experience the next level in entertainment and provide them the best in the class experience”.

He added, “This is really an exciting time to be in the entertainment space. With retail space going abegging in malls, there is great interest among operators to invest in VR pods and consoles to drive traffic and footfalls profitably. We have had already had a lot of inquiries from entrepreneurs interested in franchise opportunities. With little space required and a 10 month payback period, the investment opportunity is even attracting retail segment like beauty salons and restaurants who want to both increase footfalls and keep their waiting customers engaged profitably”.

Mr. Raj B Kumar, Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer, Kaleidozone said, “We have a solid team of technologists, creative artists and domain experts and we understand the entertainment industry intuitively. Kaleidozone will leverage VR and AR technologies and strive to transform the Indian entertainment industry for better.”

He added, “We recognize that there is an increasing need for Virtual Reality entertainment in the Indian market and Kaleidozone will raise the bar and set a new benchmark in the gaming sector in India. This is the future of entertainment and as always, we will be at the forefront. We invite those interested in this exciting franchise opportunity to contact us”

A creative branding, marketing and publicity campaign encompassing social media, in-shop branding, bus back panels, various social media and newspaper insertions will create the necessary buzz and interest among the target audience.

Kaleidozone will release new VR experiences every few months. It will also be looking at aggressively expanding its portfolio in India, Near East and Far East in the coming years. So stay tuned!

The first-ever Interactive Virtual Reality Centre will be up and running in Chennai (Ispahani Centre, Nungambakkam) from Thursday, 8th June, 2016 onwards. For additional information on Kaleidozone, please do feel free to visit

And for more news and reviews, keep checking back at Gaming Central.

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