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Is PC Gaming Too Expensive?

Is PC Gaming Too Expensive?

Update: Remedy has updated the PC system requirements for Quantum Break as follows.

asdasfsasaRead on for the original story and our thoughts on the same. 

There are many advantages to being a PC gamer. Your games will look better if you have high-end hardware. Games are often less expensive, and there are tons of free to play games available as well. You’re not paying a service charge to play online.

However, the cost of entry is significantly higher: The recommended specs on the PC version of Quantum Break indicates a video card that retails for over $600 (Rs. 65,000 in the Indian market). That’s just one component.


Which makes us wonder how graphically intensive is the game? And is this where PC gaming is headed?

I’ve often heard the Master Race scoffing console gamers for getting lowered graphics and the sorts, but when the cost of entry is this high ($350 (Rs. 35,000) for the console vs $600 (Rs. 65,000) for the GPU), it’s easy to see why a gamer looking to enjoy his video games might just go with the more viable option.

On the other hand I’ve also seen the peasants saying how PC gamers have it so easy with their cheap games, Steam sales, and so on. Then again, it was not cheap getting there. It absolutely was not!

On an entirely different note, what the hell was Microsoft thinking when they put a toaster inside the Xbox One to run Quantum Break, while recommending a GTX 980Ti to run the same game on the PC? This whole parity claptrap would never have come about if both consoles had been up to the task.

And for more wishful thinking keep checking back at Gaming Central.

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