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Interview With Balazs Vasvari – Sine Mora EX

Interview With Balazs Vasvari – Sine Mora EX

When it first released back in 2012, Sine Mora was a critically acclaimed side-scrolling shooter with an interesting story driven along with time-bending twists. It intended to recreate the glory of old school 2D shooters, with modern visuals, gameplay tweaks and sharp presentation. Now the IP is in the hands of THQ Nordic who have brought out a more visually polished version of game, while also adding new multiplayer modes. Our time with Sine Mora EX was incredibly fun-filled and we wanted to get to know some of the talent behind the game. Thankfully Balazs Vasvari, one of the guys behind the game was kind enough to take the time and answer a few questions, and here’s what he had to say.

Gaming Central: Hi Balazs, thanks for taking the time for us. Could you tell us a bit about yourself.

Balazs Vasvari: I’m Balazs Vasvari, coder, almost 40, still enthusiastic about computers. (In short: a geek)

When did you get started with playing games (and what was the first game that you remember)?

Balazs Vasvari: The first game i remember playing was Frogger on the C64 – around ’83 i believe.

How did you get started with developing games?

Balazs Vasvari: I’m part of a sort-of underground computer art community, the demoscene, which is responsible for quite a lot of people going into game development – including me.

If you weren’t a game developer you would be a…?

Balazs Vasvari: Musician. I studied music and play a few instruments. Still composing music as a hobby.

How did you come up with the idea for Sine Mora EX? What plans do you have for the game’s future?

Balazs Vasvari: Bringing Sine Mora to current-gen platforms was always in the cards as the gameplay is timeless and the art held up quite well i think. Both the publisher and i thought it deserves a little more than a simple port – hence EX was born, adding co-op and other improvements and refinements to the mix.

What were your inspirations for Sine Mora EX, if any?

Balazs Vasvari: The original game obviously drew its inspirations from the shmups of the 80s-90s-2000s. Einhander was a particularly liked one among the team.

What inspires you outside of gaming?

Balazs Vasvari: Again, it’s the demoscene, but anything that includes creativity can get my brain gears rolling 🙂

What would your dream game be like?

Balazs Vasvari: I don’t think there’s such a thing. It depends on so many things at any given moment…. highly circumstantial. (Although it’s probably something sci-fi-ish 🙂 )

What lessons have you learned from developing your game?

Balazs Vasvari: If you’re releasing on multiple platforms, try to focus on one at a time. This was the biggest lesson of this project in particular.

Where do you see the games industry heading in the next 5-10 years? More games as a service, virtual reality, or as things are now?

Balazs Vasvari: I personally would like to see VR succeed, but at this very moment i wouldn’t bet my house on it. Games as service seems more likely, “free-to-play” already sort-of means that, with the free part merging with ad-supported.

What games did you enjoy playing this year?

Balazs Vasvari: I didn’t have a lot of time to play game this year, but Uncharted: Lost Legacy, Watch Dogs 2, Nex Machina and Mage’s Tale were all good.

What is your favorite game at the moment and what makes it special?

Balazs Vasvari: Lone Echo. It’s _the_ VR game, the closest to a system seller yet, and the best kept secret of the games industry.

Thanks Balazs for taking the time for us, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing more from you in the future. In the mean time, our readers can check out Sina Mora EX which is available now for the PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Switch.

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