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GTA V’s Trevor Now Working For Old Spice?

GTA V’s Trevor Now Working For Old Spice?

Apparently evading cops, planning heists and pushing drugs got to Trevor’s head. Living a criminal life in San Andreas got a bit too much for Mr. Philips as he seems to be taking a break. The Canadian psychopath is looking at other job ventures like advertising to help pay the bills.

Just have to get one thing sorted out though, the actor in the commercial isn’t actually playing Trevor Philips from GTA V, but Bob Giovanni. But he just looks so much like our beloved Trevor that we can choose to look past this fact.

The actor is actually Steven Ogg and from what I hear is sane, law abiding citizen who stars as Neegan’s right hand in The Walking Dead.

I assume he had a falling out with Michael and Franklin. Or maybe the new career is an elaborate prank where he whips something out on national TV. Also now we know who’d be cast for Trevor if there was ever a GTA movie.

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