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Why you should start playing The Division

The Division

Many had lost hope on the division just a month after its release, and rightly so. The bugs, the lack of content and the servers being down most of the time. I, being one of those people who had a lot of expectations left my controller in just a few days. Now a year later I can’t seem to get myself away from the game.So here is why I picked it up and why I think everyone should again.
The Devs recently dropped the 3rd dlc called last stand and with it patch 1.6. The AI is now tougher and meaner. You will need a group of four that’s well-coordinated to take on the new legendary difficulty that they’ve added. There has been an addition of 3 more areas in the dark zone expanding the area for PvP play. There are now exotic gears and weapons which are a must to grind for. Both in the dark zone and PvE area of Manhattan.

And if you want the best experience of PvP then Last stand is a must. It’s a 8v8 match up in the dark zone but is separate from everything else. The objectives are capture point and hold them with a time limit of about 20 minutes. Unlike the dark zone, no one loses xp and currency in the event of death. The agent does need to be atleast level 30 to be able to join the queue. Within these zones, you’ll also get to fight NPCs, which net you a currency you can use to fortify your captured zones. Last stand has its own progression system which allows you to rank up to 40.

The Division

The Division

The Devs have definitely improved a lot of the bugs and issues but it is still not completely bug free. I play with three of my friends and we sometimes experience a high amount of lag. But this does not mean the game is unplayable. It only happens for about 5 to 10 minutes so we just restart our consoles and it’s usually fixed. Matchmaking is very smooth and usually puts you in groups of people with the same level or gear score.

Personally, adding the new legendary difficulty was a brilliant move by Massive as it really brings out the teamwork aspect of the game to give the players a better experience about the game. A single mission on legendary would take about 40 to 60 minutes and dying is not an option. If the entire squad is down then the mission restarts all the way from the beginning. Hence, the teamwork aspect comes into play.

Massive with its latest update did a good job with the game and reached out to the community of players for feedback and input. It’s safe to say the game content no longer feels as empty as it did in its initial days and there’s much more to look forward to as Massive look to announce their plans for the next year. So if you plan on picking it up from where you left off or are just new to the game, good luck Agents.

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