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GodLike Esports crowned as the winner of LOCO War Of Glory BGMI Grand Finale

GodLike Esports crowned as the winner of LOCO War Of Glory BGMI Grand Finale

The Grand Finals of the BGMI War of Glory  concluded on 31 October after 35 matches . Among the 18 qualified groups from the League Play of the BGMI occasion, GodLike Esports arose as champions in an insistent manner with 395 and 199 eliminations . The group showed why they are considered as a real part of one of the most incredible BGMI groups in the nation as they outperformed an important lead in the last three days to get the title. Divine Esports was granted the top prize of INR 20 lakhs.

Group Insane protected the second spot in the title with an aggregate of 357 points and 185 end points. The group had a powerful lead heading into Day 6 of the occasion however their naiveté made them disintegrated under tension and part with their lead in the last two days. The group actually figured out how to advance a stunning presentation which acquired them a significant measure of rewards to the tune of INR 10 lakhs.

Final Standings

GodLike Esports took the main spot with an aggregate of 395 focuses and 199 completion points. The group brought home a monstrous prize of 20,00,000 INR as the triumphant award. Group Insane Esports required the subsequent spot followed by Skylightz Gaming at the third spot.

Johnathan from Godlike Esports won the MVP grant of the great finals alongside 1,00,000 INR as the award. He took an aggregate of 73 completion focuses in 35 matches with 2.09 normal completions. Troll from Team Insane (66 completions) and Neyoo from Godlike Esports (59 completions) were the second and third position MVPs separately.

Revenant Esports and Team XO showed some crazy abilities and completed in the main 5 spots of the fabulous finals. Some huge names, for example, TSM, OR Esports, and Global Esports couldn’t perform well in the matches and completed at the lower part of the general standings.

Different groups, for example, TSM and OREsports couldn’t find any energy in the Finals. Despite the fact that TSM had a solid beginning to the occasion at the League Stage where they had completed third, they couldn’t imitate similar execution at the Finals. Concerning OREsports, the group had a tepid run and missed predictable top spot wraps up in the occasion. This fills in as the greatest region that they would hope to refine.

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