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God Of War PC Mod Restores Kratos’ Original Goatee Look

God of War

The original Kratos look is finally here in God of War 2018! This PC mod lets Kratos have his original Greek mythology look, with his iconic goatee. The video showcases The Stranger bossfight using this mod.The majority of the undertakings for God of War up on its PC Mods site are lighting redesigns or maximised save records, yet one modder over on YouTube is pushing in a more vanguard course.

Previously, modder Speclizer has zeroed in on discovering of-limits insider facts and unused resources in the Last of Us and the control center arrival of God of War, like how Zullie the Witch or Lance McDonald accomplish for From Software titles.As included on Highlight Reel, Speclizer has now done something extraordinary for themselves with on-request troll body ghastliness Kratos, fueled by custom apparatuses that take into account ongoing model altering, alongside different elements like an improved photograph mode and noclip.

PC Mods can now prepare a mod that will permit Kratos to step around in his exemplary look from the previous God of War games. This replaces his plentiful facial fluff with a trim goatee, making him seem as though the god-killing Kratos from the exemplary God of War titles.

God of War was delivered for the PC recently, and carries with it various specialized enhancements including 4K goal and DualSense support. The first form of the game was delivered for the PS4 in April 2018, with a spin-off, God of War Ragnarok, out this year for PS4 and PS5.

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