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Git Gud with Knighton – A Gaming Show By The Youth And For The Youth

Git Gud with Knighton – A Gaming Show By The Youth And For The Youth

Video games have boomed in India during the past few years, thanks to the accessibility of network and hardware. As a gaming company, there isn’t really much more that we could wish for, but something feels amiss. In the pursuit of excellence, we forgot that video games were meant to be fun.

So when it came to promoting a positive and inclusive gaming environment, we were supposed to take the logical steps to raise awareness, make a petition and yada yada. But did the opposite. We got a bunch of our favourite influencers and video game newbies and pitched them against  Iduex Gundyr, the first boss of Dark Souls 3.  The goal is to survive as long as they can to claim the title and ‘Git Gud’, a play at ‘Get Good’. Regarded as ‘the toughest game ever’, Dark Souls 3 is not the kind of game you hand it over to a total newbie, it’s like giving the keys of a Bugatti Chiron to a student driver.

Did they get thrashed? Absolutely yes! It was hilarious to see otherwise confident people struggling to remain alive in the game. However, it was not just fun for us and the viewers, but also the ones getting thrashed, thanks to a safe and inclusive environment where they were playing for fun, rather than beating the game. In fact, Git Gud with Knighton is a testament to the fact that you don’t need to be good at a game to enjoy it, hence the gatekeeping is absolutely useless.

Git Gud with Knighton is a show by the youth and for the youth! The premise is rather simple, Knighton hosts modern-day celebrities, AKA Instagram and YouTube influencers to talk about stuff they’ve never spoken before. Their day to day life, career, personal life, what it takes to be successful in a competitive industry and random chit-chat and so much more! Although Knighton likes to have a script, the show seems to have a mind of its own that does not obey such puny things.

The name of the show is a play at the words ‘Get Good’, the sole ‘Tip & Trick’ to beat the Dark Souls.

A variety of influencers from different genres are featured in the first season of Git Gud with Knighton. Here’s a complete list of all the influencers featured in season 1 of Git Gud with Knighton.

AnnihilatorYT: An esteemed streamer working with Esports Medal, a premier Esports Organization. He first gained fame after ‘Mr Random’ donated him a huge chunk of money in his viral video. Recently, he was invited to RedBull’s Valorant tournament.

Harshit Arora: A charming fashion influencer renowned for his style and forward-thinking fashion. He has worked with esteemed brands such as Amazon and other fashion influencers including Kritika Khurana, the Cosmopolitan influencer of the year.

Manas Joy: A veteran gaming journalist and marketer, Manas runs a YouTube channel called Videogame Wonderland. Manas loves videos games so much that he often dreams about them.

RJ Manav from Radio ke Adi-Manav: The man every Delhite has heard while driving their car, RJ Manav is known by his voice from Radio ke Adi Manav on Radio City.

HerHappyFace: A beauty blogger and travel vlogger who has a passion for all things related to beauty, makeup, and travel! Ridhi Arora, better known by HerHappyFace, is a budding influencer from Delhi who’s also juggling a 9-5 at the same time.

Aayush Sapra: Known as the Mr Beast of India, Aayush hosts crazy food reviews, entertaining challenges, and other types of viral videos. He’s also known for giving absurdly huge tips to people around him.

Vatsala: A diligent mental health consultant working to normalise Mental health with one initiative at a time, Vatsala has a demonstrated history of working in a non-profit organisation and over 3 years of work experience in the Mental Health sector. Currently building a Support Group for people to come and share their mental health journey.

And of course, let’s not forget the host of the show, Sarthak Khurana, better known by his Xbox gamer tag ‘Knighton’. Although he didn’t go to college after high school, his CV says he’s got ‘Fancy Titles at Trigger Two Entertainment’, a déroutant way to say he’s the founder and of the company. He’s been in the gaming media scene since he was 14, starting as an intern contributor at Gaming Central. He’s passionate about promoting positive and inclusive and non-toxic gaming.

Season 1 of Git Gud with Kington is already on air with new episodes coming out every Saturday on our Youtube channel.

To celebrate the first season of Git Gud with Knighton and extend the experience of ‘Gitting Gud’, Trigger Two is also hosting an international Razer Death Adder gaming mouse giveaway. All you need to do to enter the giveaway is subscribe to their Youtube channel and leave your Instagram handle in the comments section of Git Gud with Knighton’s trailer.

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