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Discover something new!

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Discover something new!

We are spending more and more time in front of our screens, and it is easy to get stuck at the same apps and websites as always. The hours passes faster than we can imagine and number of videos at YouTube and TikTok are just piling up. Scrolling at social media is tiring your thumb out and to be honest it is getting quite boring but you just can´t think of something else to make time pass by. Here are a few tips of alternative thing to make time pass by at the screen.

Social media are made in a way that makes us spend more time scrolling, it triggers our brain in a way that makes us feel acknowledged and satisfied. And we want more of it, and we are hooked, addicted. And the more time we spend the more money the companies make.. 

How often have you just watched one video and then put down the phone and done something else? It easily becomes one after another until you must rush to the bus still trying to watch the screen or forgotten the food on the stove and it gets overdone. A part of the psychology behind it is that our brain likes repetition and to kind of know what will happen. But some of us likes to challenge our brains and do something new, and maybe even learn something at the same time.

Gamble at casino

Some say that gambling at casinos is just a dumb way to spend time and money. But if you do it seriously it is an intricate chance to exercise your brain and maybe earn some money. There are plenty of games to learn to master and there are croupiers and gamblers from all over the world. If you are curious about the mysteries of gambling online there are a lot to learn at Indian online gambling magazine and you can deepen your knowledge the news and articles on online casino here. 

Travel around the globe with Google Earth

Most of us never say that we search the internet, we just say we are going to google it but not all are taking the full advantage of all the functions of google and especially google earth. Did you know that you can go for a pre-ride of the ride you are going at or to venture away and discover new places and roads. You can also go on virtual exhibitions at museums, climb mountains and take a quiz about different destinations.

Get a lot of fun and unnecessary knowledge that might come in handy

There are loads of knowledge to take in on the internet, one tip is to start at Wikipedia and just write an random word and to follow all the links that seems interesting and to see where it takes you. There is no end to what you might learn, from North gods to FinTech.

Start writing down your inner thoughts

To take a thought all the way and twist and turn them over and over again and to share them and to hear how they think about them and learn more about them can really evolve you. To write a blog can change yours and others lives, but you really need to take a good think about what you are willing to share and what it can mean to you and those around you. Also remember that what you write will be read for many years to come. But if you do it well it might be your next career.

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