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Gigabyte Store Opening Nehru Place

Gigabyte Store Opening Nehru Place

Over the weekend the GC crew (except Manas who was doing push-ups at home) headed to Nehru Place to take part in Gigabyte’s store opening. I’m sure you’re thinking that there really can’t be anything fun about a store opening and I wouldn’t blame you for thinking so.


Perhaps I should rephrase the store opening part. It actually was an experience zone opening. Gigabyte thought it would be pretty neat to open up a place where you can spend your afternoons playing VR games.


Speaking to Gigabyte Sales Head, Sunil Grewal, we found out that this store opening is an initiative by Gigabyte to make sure the consumer gets a feel of the latest technology and make an informed decision before buying any product.


The experience zone is ideally situated in Asia’s biggest IT market, reaching out to a vast majority of tech enthusiasts. The event itself had the usual inauguration with the cutting of the ribbon to officially open the store. It also had a crazy looking cake which tasted as good as it looked.


The standout from the opening was the VR showcasing. Nikhill had gone early that morning to set up the HTC Vive with a game called Space Pirates.

A fairly simple game; survive every wave by shooting down drones. I myself made it till just the 7th-8th wave. The other side of the store was showcasing Gigabyte latest hardware for people to experience high end gaming with games like Doom. While inside was packed with people, VR system and hardware there were cosplayers outside people could take pictures with.


While all this was happening, there were fun contests held for the attendees to take part in and win goodie bags from Gigabyte.


This eventful morning was topped off with cold drinks and a butt load of pizzas from Pizza Hut. Can’t really ask much more from a store opening now can you?

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