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Best Gaming Laptops Under Rs. 50,000 In India

It’s hard to believe how technology has evolved over the years. I can still remember the first time I saw a laptop, it was one of those black IBM laptops with the red button in the middle of the keyboard with which you controlled the mouse. I think that was around 1998-2000 sometime when my mum brought one of those ancient things from work and back then it was probably one of the best pieces of machinery you could get your hands on. Fast forward about 15 years and here we are now, concepts like VR are on the verge of becoming mainstream, 3D printers already finding it’s place in office spaces and Donald Trump being elected as the 45th President of America, it’s hard to believe how so much has changed in so little time. Now days what you can do on laptops people might not ...

Thermaltake Challenger Edge Keyboard Review

Thermaltake’s Challenger Edge gaming keyboard seems to have all the elements that mechanical keyboard fans desire. It has a new floating keycap design, delivering an array of colors under each keycap. All this is based on a beautiful black brushed aluminum faceplate with laser engraved keycaps. The floating design allow the keycaps to not rub out the font while offering a brighter backlight. There is a pleasant glow across the keyboard because of the aluminium faceplate. The keyboard comes with 8 RGB colors and 4 lighting effects. You can customize the 8 lighting colors and effects on the keyboard itself. You also have the option to lock your keyboard. Just imagine you’re eating chole bhature while playing and you dropped some gravy on the beautiful black brushed aluminium face...

Gigabyte Store Opening Nehru Place

Over the weekend the GC crew (except Manas who was doing push-ups at home) headed to Nehru Place to take part in Gigabyte’s store opening. I’m sure you’re thinking that there really can’t be anything fun about a store opening and I wouldn’t blame you for thinking so. Perhaps I should rephrase the store opening part. It actually was an experience zone opening. Gigabyte thought it would be pretty neat to open up a place where you can spend your afternoons playing VR games. Speaking to Gigabyte Sales Head, Sunil Grewal, we found out that this store opening is an initiative by Gigabyte to make sure the consumer gets a feel of the latest technology and make an informed decision before buying any product. The experience zone is ideally situated in Asia’s bigge...

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