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Gaming Central HQ Now Bigger And Better

Gaming Central HQ Now Bigger And Better

We’ve have recently moved to a new office, which basically means we’ve space for more consoles, gaming rigs, some new Spheros, Manas’s skateboard (can’t ride it though ever since he slipped his disc), Nikhill’s liquor cabinet (yes, he’s a regular drunkard, some even call him The Captain, you know cuz sailors drink a lot..), Shrey’s treadmill (who’d have thought he was a fitness freak! Just kidding, we simply make new interns run on it to generate electricity), Gurnoor’s traditional saree collection (she actually keeps it in Nikhill’s liquor cabinet. #sanskar), and other accoutrements.

Oh, and most importantly, we now have space to bring you guys and pretty gals tons of new gaming content, ranging from new shows, gameplay videos, random funny shit, reviews, tech stuff, and so on! So be sure to keep checking back here and on our YouTube channel to enjoy the best in Gaming!

And, before I forget, here’s a video of David trying to make a video while Manas and Nihill fight about where they want their desks to be.

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