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Gamer Rebellion — Indraprastha University

Gamer Rebellion — Indraprastha University

The Gaming Central team just got back from the second Gamer Rebellion at Indraprastha University, Dwarka and it was pretty damn good. First off a shout out to all the guys and three girls who made it to the event.


The entire team

It was great meeting all these students who were extremely helpful and way too polite (they kept calling me sir!). Gurnoor and I started the show with our lame jokes and constant fumbling up of words, but the students seemed to have a blast though.


Gurnoor and me making fun of ourselves


Well now on to more serious things

We had presentations by Shrey and Manas about AMD, G2A and Gaming Central. After which we did an interactive quiz with the attendees and gave away some goodies.


Shrey the boss man


Manas…….the man?

We also had Nishant with us (the guy who won a RX 480 at it’s launch) and we presented him with his brand new RX 480.


Finally getting his RX 480

After that we opened the floor for the students to experience gaming on the systems. We had Doom running on the RX 470 and had a VR game called Space Pirate Trainer  running on an RX 480.


Systems on display


HTC Vive on showcase

The person who scored the highest on the VR game walked away with a ThermalTake mouse worth 5K.


Best score on VR game wins a Thermaltake mouse. So he did


All in all it was a great event and we look forward to doing more integrations with this college and it’s super awesome students.

Here is a small glimpse of the event.

img_9990 _mg_9958 _mg_9939 img_0029 _mg_9971 _mg_9859 _mg_9847 _mg_9791

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