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Game of the Year, Every Year – Nidhogg 2 – Review

Game of the Year, Every Year – Nidhogg 2 – Review

If you’ve somehow ended up on this page, then you too are seeking the answer to one critical question – Is Nidhogg 2 the greatest video game ever made?

The answer is a firm yes. Yes it is.

It begins to show from the moment you start the game and the upbeat music starts playing. As the game’s official description rightly claims: “Nidhogg 2 has a soundtrack so good that even the menu screens are awesome.”

And speaking of menu screens, behold this glorious one:

Then comes the character creation. It’s the best character you’ll ever see in a video game. I made a character who looked grotesquely deformed with a saggy pair of tits, a rad goatee, and beach sunglasses. The Wurm approved.

The goal is is to get across multiple screens in classic side-scrolling fashion, and reach the end. The opponent needs to do the exact opposite. The opponent also needs to be stabbed, kicked, punched, and get their heads kicked in. The combat is a mix of clever parrying, quick reflexes and edge-of-the-seat action.

There are multiple weapons. You can hit or get hit. Throw them at enemies, or throw yourself at the enemies, or throw yourself at the weapons. You do what it takes.

There are different stances for different weapons. The stance that keeps you alive has been proven to be the right one.

The graphics are truly next-gen. It’s like somebody took a bunch of paint cans, drank it all up and had explosive diarrhea all over the floor, the ceiling, the walls and the furniture. It’s bloody beautiful. It actually might be the blood of dead fighters.

Nidhogg is a game you need to play, be it against the AI, or locally or online. Be it arcade mode or 8 player tournament mode, the leaderboard awaits. The sacrifice must be made.

Years of perseverance, scientific research and assessment have finally given way to the perfect video game – Nidhogg 2.

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