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Game of the Year, Every Year – Nidhogg 2 – Review

If you’ve somehow ended up on this page, then you too are seeking the answer to one critical question – Is Nidhogg 2 the greatest video game ever made? The answer is a firm yes. Yes it is. It begins to show from the moment you start the game and the upbeat music starts playing. As the game’s official description rightly claims: “Nidhogg 2 has a soundtrack so good that even the menu screens are awesome.” And speaking of menu screens, behold this glorious one: Then comes the character creation. It’s the best character you’ll ever see in a video game. I made a character who looked grotesquely deformed with a saggy pair of tits, a rad goatee, and beach sunglasses. The Wurm approved. The goal is is to get across multiple screens in classic side-scrolling fashion, and reach the end. The op...

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