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Champions Of Anteria: Review

Champions Of Anteria: Review

At its core, Champions Of Anteria is a mix of the RPG and RTS genre. It was initially slated to be the next Settlers game called The Settlers: Kingdoms Of Anteria. However, the game that finally emerged is vastly different from the franchise it takes its roots from.

The game follows the actions of five Champions who are returning to their homeland called Anteria. After their time away, they find out that Anteria is being ravaged by several warring factions who are affecting the livelihood of the common people in a bad way. With the help of the people from Anteria and a wise wizard, the Champions work to compete with other factions, reclaim Anteria back, and make it into a great and peaceful village for everyone, as it once was.


This story is told to players via narration by one of the main characters, Bryan. The story unveils as players sit with Bryan inside a tavern. He recalls all historically accurate actions of the heroes that became the Champions of Anteria.

There’s quite a bit of strategy involved in how you set out for the fight, select hero abilities, conquer territories, and build your cities. Mixing it up is fun, and adds to the replayability value of the game. Tactics come into play while tackling missions. However, the lack of multiplayer is disappointing, since this game would have been a lot more fun with friends. While most of the main missions are fun, some side activities like the Caravan Missions can get tedious and overly linear.


If you’re a fan of MOBA style heroes, character development like in RPGs and RTS style games, then Champions of Anteria is definitely worth playing. While the story is largely forgettable, the funny humor is endearing, and keeps you going through the adventure. There’s not too much depth to the city building elements, but it is nonetheless an appreciated break from all the action.

The tactical RPG elements of the game is solid for the most part, and is the strongest part of the game overall. And that’s a good thing, since in games like these, you want the gameplay to be the prime focus.


It’s easy to recommend Champions Of Anteria to someone looking for a decent tactical RPG. It’s only drawback is that there are many other games who do the same thing better.

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