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Call Of Duty 2017 Might Be Set In Vietnam

Call Of Duty 2017 Might Be Set In Vietnam

If rumors are true, then Activision might just be listening to it’s fan base who want the series to go back to it’s roots, instead of taking ludicrous steps into the future.

The next call of duty game, which is set for November 2017 (based on their annual cycles), will be developed by Sledgehammer studios, and takes gamers to the jungles of Vietnam. This wouldn’t bee too surprising as they had already been working on a similar game called Fog Of War.

It’s interesting too see that Activision might be willing to go all the way out to step away form the futuristic setting, and even modern setting and go back to the Vietnam conflict.

It’s still to been seen how much of this will be a true return to form to classic Call of duty games, or if it’s simply a reskin (much akin to Battlefield 1, in my opinion).

Either ways, it’s promising to see big publishers take note o what the gaming community actually wants. Although it’s still rumors and speculation, I persona;;y would love to play a good modern FPS set in the Vietnam era.

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  1. yay! Another call of Duty


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