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The Best Video Game Critics On YouTube

The Best Video Game Critics On YouTube

With more and more games flooding the market, and demanding your money and attention, it’s hard for even the most discerning gamer to separate the good from the bad and the ugly. Well, what better way to know about video games than in the form of informative and entertaining video coverage of the same. Well, here are the best video game critics on YouTube, in my absolutely flawless opinion.

Giant Bomb

Site Link – Website | YouTube

Apart from providing what is, in my opinion, the best video games coverage in the industry, the folks at Giant bomb are funny, and have valuable insights and immense knowledge about games. Their podcasts are one of my personal favorites to listen to, alongside high quality content on their site. Their overall positive attitude, honesty, and chemistry among each other is unlike any other you’ll see out there. WATCH THESE GUYS!

Joseph Anderson

Site Link – YouTube | Patreon

If you like in depth analysis of games, and video essays, Joseph Anderson has a unique perspective to offer.

Matthew Matosis

Site Link – YouTube | Patreon

Another great source of in depth analysis, and if you like Dark Souls, there’s a 6 hour long analysis of the game on his channel.

Yahtzee Crowshaw

Site Link – YouTube | YouTube | Website

When he’s not talking really fast, he’s playing good old games and talking about his (video game) world views.

Noah Caldwell-Gervais

Site Link – YouTube | Patreon

Noah writes, travels, and talks in depth about video games. Starting off with some good old music in his videos, he sets a great tone, and offers good critical insight into games he plays and discusses.

Jim Sterling

Site Link – YouTube | Website | Patreon

Apart from trudging through the slime at the bottom of Steam’s deluge of games, Jim sheds light on good games and bad games alike. The highlight of his channel is the weekly Jimquisition, where he talks about a topic of interest, and the industry tends to listen.

Easy Allies

Site Link – YouTube | Website | Patreon

Born of the ashes of Game Trailers, the Easy Allies crew are making some of the best content around gaming right now. Podcasts, reviews, discussions, and even board games coverage are some of the highlights of their offering.

Super Bunnyhop

Site Link – YouTube | Website

Opinions, reviews, and discussions based on Video Games, all in the form of videos.

Angry Centaur Gaming

Site Link – YouTube | Patreon

With his expertise in audio visual products, video game testing, design, and production, ACG brings detailed reviews of Video Games. Also he has a unique ratings scale of buy, wait for sale, rent or never touch again, giving the audience a clearer picture of what he things of the game.

Angry Joe

Site Link – YouTube | Website

Among the best video game reviewers on YouTube, Angry Joe adds a cool twist on his lengthy reviews with costumed parodies of the games he covers.

Total Biscuit

Site Link – YouTube

John ‘Total Biscuit’ Bane has built a career around consumer focused PC gaming coverage. Reporting on PC ports, weekly podcasts with his crew and a rotating guest, and impressions of games he deems worthy of looking into are the highlights on his channel.

Errant Signal

Site Link – YouTubePatreon

Reviews and critical analysis of video games. Because the internet doesn’t have enough of those already. Hey, but Christopher is rather good at it, so why not give him a shot.

Action Points

Site Link – YouTube

Video Game impressions, interesting look at the industry, opinion pieces and more.

Cosmic Engine

Site Link – YouTube

A critic devoted to informative, equitable and entertaining critique for the benefit of the consumer. Or that’s what he says, and for the most part, delivers.

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  1. TotalBiscuit is one of my favourite reviewers out there. ACG and SBH and really good as well. Giant Bomb as a company are one of my favourite in the Videogame Industry, an overall great company. There’s also Raycevick, he doesn’t particularly review games but he does pick certain aspects of games that make it special, highly recommend checking out his content. I also particularly enjoy listening to Funhaus’ podcasts where they talk about a game in particular and talk about what they enjoy and don’t as I tend to agree with their views a lot of times. Just my two cents haha.

  2. Critics do not have any work, just read whatever good things come after them.

  3. Thanks for the list. Redcoat and Lorerunner are also good lesser known guys.

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