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Best Android Games of October 2014

Best Android Games of October 2014

Winter is coming! Yes you guessed it, I’ve started watching Game of Thrones and its awesome. But yes, winter is finally here and if you ask me is the best time of the year in Delhi. You’ll find people wrapped up in their blankets in the morning terrified to take their feet out even just a bit. Other than the cold October gives you another reason to stay in bed and that has to do with the android games that have come out.




From the developers that brought us Angry Birds, comes another very simple yet incredibly fun retro styled game. It gives off that Flappy Birds vibe but let’s not compare it to that game and give it a little more credit as it truly is a fun game.

You dodge through tight levels using a tap-to-fly control system. But from the retro visuals to the funky flight physics the game is quite a delight to play. Oh yeah and the game is free!




This game is pretty humor filled and adventure packed and comes from a pretty reputed, award wining Machinarium, studio Amanita Design and Czech band DVA.

Five buds, who are little tree creatures set out on a quest to save the last seed from their home tree which is infested by evil parasites. The whole story progresses without a single word being uttered. So you kinda have to guess your way through by taking hints from the game’s animation and other such signposting. Its just that this game will cost you about Rs 200.


Reckless Racing 3


The Reckless Racing series has been a consistent contender and manages to ace throughout, offering a new perspective to me-too zoomed-in arcade racers. Not only do you get an assortment of cars but also you experience the different feels of the track while swapping smooth tarmac for muddier terrain. Its just upsetting that this game has to be paid for, but then again good stuff doesn’t come cheap. Its Rs. 180.


The Wold Among Us


Telltale’s ace dark fairytale finally makes it way to Android. If you have played through most of the Walking Dead episodes, this is what those people did next. The Wolf Among Us is also based off a comic book. Its quite different from most of the Android games one will encounter in phones. Neverthe less, its compelling stuff!



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