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The Ballad Singer Goes Live On Kickstarter

The Ballad Singer Goes Live On Kickstarter

The Ballad Singer, a completely Italian project, is now live on Kickstarter, as announced by Curtel Games, promising an across-the-board experience spanning the Visual Novel, RPG and game-book genres.

TBS offers several distinguishing features: a complete narrative in both Italian and English, individual illustrations for each choice, hundreds of decision paths, and 40 different endings. The numbers for this project are noteworthy: the narrator will be reading about 400,000 words, the artist will be dealing with over 2,500 different illustrations.

The structure of the game spreads like a huge tree, where every player’s choice doesn’t just affect the current storyline but also those of other playable characters and the gaming world altogether. But that’s not it, the concept of “Game Over” has been revised too. When an adventurer dies or when he reaches an ending, he won’t be available for use from there on. Death is definitive, but the adventure won’t simply be over: you can continue with another character, in an environment which has been heavily influenced by the choices of the previous hero, and also by the effects caused by his death. The magician has awakened the dragon, but died in an attempt to defeat it. How will the region be affected?

Choice after choice, players will see their adventurers grow, shaping their minds, their attitude towards others, and their equipment. Through the “Domino System” every decision is final and has immediate repercussions throughout the game world. This system has been strongly inspired by the Chaos Theory and guarantees unpredictable repercussions in the narrative path! This ensemble of elements aims to offer an innovative experience to those who love fantasy books and role-playing games.

The Ballad Singer is an RPG inspired by game-books, and it will be available in Q4 2018 for PC/MAC and, once the Stretch Goals have been unlocked, also for consoles.

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