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8 Reasons why Affleck will be do a good job as Batman (Pt.2)

8 Reasons why Affleck will be do a good job as Batman (Pt.2)


4. Zack isn’t stupid


We all know Sucker Punch wasn’t the best of his movies, and we have right reason to believe that he may screw this one up too. But we tend to forget that he has been learning from Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer and it was with their help that he portrayed a very interesting, and in my opinion, a rather unique spin on Superman.

He seemed to have a knack for for portraying stories. ‘Man of Steel’ was a good movie, after all it was of Kent finding his way in this world, not pun intended, and I think he did a good job in making the audience feel the detachment and alienation he felt.

4. He’ll work behind the scenes


Affleck isn’t that sort of an actor who just does the bare minimum required, but actually gives a lot of input behind the scenes. His recent movies show that he has spent an awful lot of time behind the cameras as well.

Its pretty obvious that Affleck didn’t read about him being the next Batman in the news like we all did. He’s probably known this for a while now and would have had extensive talks with Goyer, Nolan and Snyder about the direction his character would take, particularly in contrast to Christian Bale’s take.

2. At least give him a chance

Heath Ledger

Something that I have noticed on the internet these days is how people can be so superficial. Marion Bartoli was a victim of this thoughtlessness. A woman who worked hard to win Wimbledon, got criticized for her looks and was shamelessly talked about on the internet.

This same thoughtlessness and pre-judgmental mindset is what Affleck is facing on the internet right now. He hasn’t even started on the movie and already talk is on about how bad a choice he is. Ledger too was criticized in the same manner and had comments like –‘Heath Ledger is going to ruin The Dark Knight as The Joker’ thrown his way. And I think its safe to say that Heath has set the bar so high that it is virtually impossible for any other actor to reach.

Not saying that everything that the internet says is lies and can’t be trusted. Just trying to say that the backlash Affleck received isn’t an indication of his ill-fit for the part. It merely depicts the stubbornness of those who cannot envision the view of the movie any other way.

1. He’ll be nothing like Bale


A very vital point to keep in mind is that Affleck’s portrayal of Batman is destined to be different from Bale’s. According to the  Batman vs. Superman’s narrative, we find that it is a much older Batman facing down a younger Superman. This Batman need not be so intimidating and striking as Bale’s Batman.

Affleck’s Bruce Wayne calls for a much more older Bruce with a slightly different take. Needless to say, arrogance and cockiness is part of the role, but he needs to be much wiser, and that is the key element that separates Affleck’s Batman from Bale’s.

Would love to hear what you guys have to say, so leave a comment or two in the comment section below.

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