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8 Reasons why Affleck will be do a good job as Batman (Pt.1)

8 Reasons why Affleck will be do a good job as Batman (Pt.1)

As if there wasn’t enough hype about Superman and Batman starring in the same movie, and then have Bale declining a 50 million dollar deal, we are now faced with the suspense of who would be cast as the next Batman. And the world was quite shocked, some would even say disappointed, when Ben Affleck chosen as the next Batman.

The net was circling with negative comments about how he wont be able to do a good job and also how he didn’t do a convincing job as comic character in the past. We’ll admit that Daredevil wasn’t one of his best movies, but I don’t think we are giving this actor the credit he is due. Here are just 8 of the many reasons why I think he could potentially do a good job as the next Batman-

8. He won’t be taking this one lightly


In November 2006, Affleck said “by playing a superhero in Daredevil, I have inoculated myself from ever playing another superhero…Wearing a costume was a source of humiliation for me and something I wouldn’t want to do again soon.” Strangely enough he has been roped back into the same lair that he chose never to get back into.

Given his recent career progression, we can see that he is more than capable to take on this role. And he too wouldn’t take up this role if he didn’t think he was up for the challenge. The mere fact that he has taken up this role only shows us that he is out to prove himself.

7. Daredevil’s failure wasn’t all his fault


Raj Koothrappali: Sure, he’s over it. That’s why he’s been trying to invent that memory wiping device from Men In Black.

Sheldon Cooper: Is he making any progress? Because I’d like to erase Ben Affleck in Daredevil.

Howard Wolowitz: So would Ben Affleck.

Affleck, even to this day, hears nasty comments about this role as Daredevil, be it in real life, or in a sitcom. The truth is, its much easier for the media to critique a well known face, which in that movie was Affleck, rather than someone who is relatively unknown, for example the writer-director Mark Steven Johnson. So whatever went wrong with that movie was unfairly attributed towards Affleck , who ended up taking the brunt for the entire movie.

6. He’s been doing rather well–career wise

argo-affleck-cranston-conference-full Ben Affleck

Affleck has to be one of the more dynamic actors around, I mean, he’s been through some real ups and downs in his career from winning an Oscar for writing Good Will Hunting, then playing roles in terrible movies like Gigli, Jersey Girl, Reindeer Games, Daredevil and Pearl Harbor to becoming an aspiring director and winning a Best Picture Oscar for his work.

Some really solid roles in State of Play, The Company Men, The Town and Argo have turned this around for the 41 year old actor/director. He is never short of ideas and his recent movie–Argo is a testament to that statement. I’m pretty sure he’ll wanna keep that winning streak going.

5. He’ll make a good Bruce Wayne


Needless to say, Affleck is one of those actors who looks pretty damn good in a suit, which is quite an essential for playing  Bruce Wayne. He’s got that face too, which if you try and imagine, wouldn’t look too bad behind a Batman mask.

While casting Bruce Wayne, you need someone who is handsome, cocky on occasion, charming, capable of tremendous intensity. Affleck with all his experience, can pull this off, and pull it off quite well I should say.

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