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5 Stealth Games You Must Play

5 Stealth Games You Must Play

Stealth. The perfect genre for a perfect gamer. Where your every move is calculated. And patience is the key. Do you feel a rush sneaking around a big room full of bad guys? Or skulking around corridors, striking from the shadows? With Metal Gear Solid making a comeback, bringing with it an assortment of stealth options, we decided to list out some awesome stealth action titles that you should definitely get your hands on!

1.Hitman Absolution

Developers: IO Interactive | Publishers: Square Enix | Genre: Stealth | Release Year: 2014.

Agent 47’s last spree of assassinations’s takes place around Chicago. Players are given numerous way to approach each mission and various ways of executing their target. The levels are in the form of small sandboxes and it’s up to the player to explore and weigh their options before deciding to strike.

The plot is continued from the previous games in the series, bringing back many of the favorite characters from before. This time Agent 47 takes charge of protecting a teenage girl, Victoria, while trying to discover who is out to kill her.

The game also provides a lot of environmental interactivity in terms of assassinating the targets and using it to trick the guards and security systems. There’s also an online component to the game called Contracts where players can design missions and assign targets which other players can take on and compete in leaderboards.

With major visual upgrade and high replayability, this is the best Hitman game till date. Be sure to check it out before the series reboots!

2.Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Developers: Ubisoft Montreal | Genre: Stealth | Release Year: 2005

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell is one of the most popular stealth action game series and Chaos Theory is the third installment in the franchise. You play as Sam Fisher, an agent working for a covert-ops branch within the NSA called Third Echelon. The game features both excellent shooting mechanics and stealth gameplay, thus allowing the player to choose his preferred style of approaching missions. It’s also possible to complete the entire game without killing a single enemy. Thoug it is a bit of a challenge, but that’s half the fun!

An aural monitor measures the noise that is made by Sam,so if you intend to be sneaky, be sure to keep an eye on that. Equipped with some really high-tech gear, it’s a lot of fun to unleash chaos over your enemies while staying virtually invisible. The game has a significantly darker tone than its predecessors, featuring more combat.

The story also stands out and keeps you engaged till the end. Though it is filled with the usual tropes of Chinese-Russian-American espionage warfare, it does keep from getting too over the top.

3. Dishonored

Developers: Arkane Studios | Publishers: Bethesda | Genre: Action(Assassin), Stealth | Release Year: 2015. Dishonored is a action adventure Stealth video game, released in 2012 for Microsoft, PS3 and Xbox 360. Dishonored follows the story of Corvo Attano, who is framed for the murder of the Empress of Isles and, after a thrilling prison breakout, sets to exact revenge on people who conspired against him. The game is a combination of stealth and combat, with some fantastic supernatural abilities added to it.

Every mission is set in large sections of a plague infested city, riddled with secret pathways. Exploring each level opens new paths in the map. The players ca accomplish any given mission in a lethal or non-lethal.

The afore-mentioned abilities are the most interesting part of the game. The ‘blink’ ability to teleport i.e travel long distances in seconds, is an easy way to get past enemies. But, more importantly, it can be used to reach otherwise inaccessible sections. In addition, Corvo has many magical powers such as the power to freeze enemies or possess their minds and take control over them for a small time. Well you might think these powers will make the game easier. Well, they do not. Each power has a duration and other properties, so so the game remains challenging. Also a variety of enemies carry equipment to counter your abilities.

This the most fun you can have in a stealth-action video game. Buy it!

4. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Developers: Hideo Kojima | Publishers: Konami | Genre: Action, Stealth | Release Year: 2015

Game Of The year 2015. Yes, I said it. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. A Hideo Kojima Game. And this time, Metal Gear goes open world! And what an exciting world it is! Set nine years after the events of Ground Zeroes, Snake wakes up from a coma and sets out for revenge on those who killed his comrades and destroyed his base.

Imagine the chaotic gameplay from Farcry 4 and add an exciting story to it. And then multiply that by a million. That’s how good this game is! Honestly, saying anything more might spoil the game for you. If there’s one game you play this year, it’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. A Hideo Kojima Game.

5. Thief (2014)

Developers: Eidos Montreal | Publishers: Square Enix | Genre: Stealth, Action | Release Year: 2014.

Thief is primarily a stealth game. And all the tools it throws at your disposal function solely to enhance the stealthy mechanics. And that;s where he game succeeds.

The game is set in ‘The City’, a dark fantasy world inspired by Victorian, gothic, and steampunk aesthetics. Players control Garrett, a master thief who embarks on several missions focusing on stealing from the rich. Players may approach levels in a variety of different ways; players can choose the action oriented and lethal approach, where players will kill enemies on their way to their destination, using knives and takedowns, or opt for the non-lethal stealthy approach, where players avoid conflict all together. Players also may choose which path to take to their destination, as each location contains several branching paths.

So this is our finest list of Stealth games. Found this list interesting? Keep checking Gaming Central for more.

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