5 Stealth Games You Must Play

Stealth. The perfect genre for a perfect gamer. Where your every move is calculated. And patience is the key. Do you feel a rush sneaking around a big room full of bad guys? Or skulking around corridors, striking from the shadows? With Metal Gear Solid making a comeback, bringing with it an assortment of stealth options, we decided to list out some awesome stealth action titles that you should definitely get your hands on! 1.Hitman Absolution Developers: IO Interactive | Publishers: Square Enix | Genre: Stealth | Release Year: 2014. Agent 47’s last spree of assassinations’s takes place around Chicago. Players are given numerous way to approach each mission and various ways of executing their target. The levels are in the form of small sandboxes and it’s up to the player t...

Thief lands on your console full of potential, but loses the plot midway

We were really excited with the build-up to this game and we’re a bit let down with the fact that Thief is a game that fails to step into the shoes of its predecessor in some ways. It is a game that lands on your console full of potential, but loses its steam midway. There are good things about this game, and they bear mentioning. This is the long-awaited follow-up to the classic Thief series, which is given a lot of credit for inventing the modern stealth game. So all you guys who have love stealth games, you should be excited 🙂 A visual update has been made which makes the game look wonderful when it’s running, though we have not checked out the first version of the game since it was release quite a long time back. The movement of the main character Garret, looks and feels great, and he ...

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