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YouPorn To Sponsor An eSports

YouPorn To Sponsor An eSports

YouPorn, an online porn website has decided to sponsor an eSports team to take part in professional tournaments. A Spain –based team has been fortunate enough to receive this sponsorship contract. The team will now be called Team YP and will play in this weekend’s Gamergy eSports competition in Madrid.

While the team will be playing Dota 2 in this weekend’s Gamergy tournament, five man team — Play2Win was founded in July — they also play games like League of Legends,Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft on its team website.

Play2Win’s sponsorship agreement with YouPorn lasts for six months, according to a release from the company.

“We’re so psyched to finally make our official entry into gaming and eSports,” said Brad Burns, YouPorn vice president, in a statement. “This partnership has been a long time coming, and I believe that with our backing, along with the expertise that each member of Team YP brings to the table on the virtual battlefield, we can succeed in tearing through the competition at this year’s Gamergy event.”

“We’ve got a lot of resources at our disposal,” Burns told Polygon. “As far as what we can offer that other sponsors can’t goes, is exposure. Any player or team that signs with us will not only garner a lot of media attention, but will also be actively promoted to a captive audience of 20 million visitors every day.

“There is no question about it. Being an established adult brand, the stigma surrounding our industry is something we have to deal with all the time. It’s nothing new to us, and we’ve never let it stop us before. If anything, it forces us to explore and be more creative in our marketing efforts than any mainstream companies.”

Source: Polygon

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