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Wonder Woman Game Announced At The Game Awards 2021

Wonder Woman Game Announced At The Game Awards 2021

Another Wonder Woman game is in progress from Monolith Productions, DC, and Warner Bros. Games. The title was momentarily prodded at The Game Awards 2021 on Thursday night with a trailer that didn’t show a lot, however it sure shook things up with enthusiasts of the DC Comics hero.

Wonder Woman is another single-player, third-individual, open-world activity experience highlighting a unique story set in the DC Universe, as per a delivery. The story will follow Diana of Themyscira as she tries to “join her Amazon family and the people from the cutting edge world.” Like in one of Monolith’s past games Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Wonder Woman will utilize a bunch of mechanics called the Nemesis System.

The announcement was made through a mystery trailer, which you can see Here:

The trailer shows the champion drifting with her sparkling gold whip. We didn’t get much in the method of story, other than a voiceover addressing Wonder Woman: “My little girl, another danger comes to our shores, and I should call you home,” the voice says. “Reestablish what has been broken.”

Anything looking like a delivery window or real ongoing interaction film is presumably quite far off, considering how short this secret was. Moreover, it’s indistinct whether the game will connect near ongoing depictions of Wonder Woman by Gal Gadot, or then again assuming it’ll strike out on its own way.

Wonder Woman will be Monolith Productions’ first game since the arrival of Middle-earth: Shadow of War in 2017. Before the Middle-earth series, Monolith was most popular for the F.E.A.R and Condemned games.

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