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UploadVR’s E3 VR showcase

UploadVR’s E3 VR showcase

The hour long showcase from UploadVR, a media site had a couple of surprises and new releases for PlayStation VR, Oculus Quest, and gaming-PC platforms. Here are a few highlights from the event. Meat Fortress

This update to the Early Access VR gun sim Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades developed with the approval from Valve, with obvious reasons, is a rather meaty homage to the ever popular FPS Team Fortress 2. It replaces the comical characters with hot dogs clad loaded out with the original TF2 arsenal. It has multiple configurable challenges and has three different “meaty modes of mayhem.” Owing just more than an anagram-y name to the orignal TF2, this meat themed shooter will arrive on VR platforms on June 28.

The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets

Crafted as an interactive story-telling experience, this release by Fast Travel Games aims to evoke nostalgia for the fantastical worlds we imagined when we were kids. You get to play around with miniature worlds designed with adorable graphics and set in different environments. The worlds are full with interactive flora and fauna and you have to solve certain puzzles and riddles to achieve the objectives. It’ll be released on all the common VR platforms and also Windows Mixed Reality.

Angry Birds Movie 2 Under Pressure VR

Designed as an accompaniment to the movie releasing in 2019, this game is marketed as a couch co-op VR. Threatened by a common enemy, the ever hostile rivals, the pigs and the birds team up to save their respective homelands. Though the trailer had expansive views of an underwater world, it woefully lacked the presence of the titular Angry Birds. There are no discernible gameplay mechanics either. A future gameplay video may answer all these questions. Produced by XR games, it’ll only be released on PSVR.

Doctor Who – The Edge of Time

This VR experience has been made to feel like an episode of the cult TV series Doctor Who from the storylines to the visuals. You get to fly the TARDIS and travel across space and time and visit new worlds and interact with the intricately built environments. This game features an antagonist who has awoken and has limitless control of space and time. They have released a reality virus into the universe, disrupting time across worlds. In addition to familiar worlds, you may also get to interact with familiar characters like the Weeping Angels or the Daleks. If anything, you’ll get to be the Doctor and pilot the interdimensional blue phone booth.

Acorn – Attack of the Squirrels

Having an asymmetric gameplay, this game clubs two platforms, VR and mobile to craft a cohesive gaming experience with the mobile and  VR players playing against each other. The VR player takes up the role of a tree in a garden who has to prevent the squirrels – controlled by the mobile player – from stealing it’s acorns. The tree has multiple weapons at its disposal, including but not limited to throwing acorns and tree sap. Part Tower Defense and part FPS, this game arrives later this summer and has been labelled as a party game since it’s easy to pick up and play.

Hotel RnR

Described as an ‘Indie VR game about a Rock and Roll Star smashing up hotel rooms for the devil’, this game has an interesting premise which plays out as a continuous demolition montage in the trailer. The main objective is to destroy hotel rooms in as careless a manner as possible all while maximising collateral damage. Eventually, you get to hell where you get the chance to buy weapons which get delivered to your next hotel stay. Use these new weapons to blow up rooms in increasingly crazy ways. Destroy. Die. Buy. Repeat.

Mini Mech Mayhem

A tabletop VR game released by FuturLabs of Velocity fame, it has four players competing to get their miniature mechs to the center square. You can either compete with players from around the world or with the 60 different AI available in-game. Each AI has a unique personality and difficulty level which distinguishes them from each other. The game also consists of customisable avatars for which you can choose headpieces, clothes, etc. The miniature mechs are controlled via actions that can be decided in the programming phase. The order of the actions would be randomised so you have to predict how the enemy is gonna strategise.


Revealed at Sony’s 2015 Playstation Experience by Highwire Games, there has been no information about the progress, if at all, the release of the game since then. Well, this E3 we get a few more seconds of footage but still no explanation as to the game mechanics. Still no news of an exact release date though.

Dance Central

The VR version of the popular game lays claim to the title of the ‘Hottest Club in VR’. You can dance along to 32 songs which range from the 70’s to the biggest hits of today. You can dance along with your favourite Dance Central Characters with custom choreography custom made for VR. The avatars are customisable and have multiple unlockable items to look ‘fly’. Since dancing also doubles as a workout, Dance Central also has integrated health tools, like calorie measurement in real time.  

After The Fall

Set in frozen, Post-Apocalyptic Los Angeles, this release by Vertigo Games has a co-op experience at its core. Four players can play together, with each having their own unique playstyle to fight off zombie-esque snow monsters. After teaming up and selecting weapons, missions will be assigned with the game having a core storyline and multiple side quests. The characters can be outfitted with better weapons and customised.


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