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Top Common CS: GO Beginner Mistakes to Avoid

Gaming Gangout : Counter Strike 1.6 Vs Counter Strike Global Offensive

CS: GO is not the easiest game ever. Although it doesn’t mean it’s the most difficult one either, there are certainly a lot of things to know if you don’t want others to rudely shout “noob” at you in the chat. Before you open your case here, knowing some beginner mistakes could be really helpful, whether you want to know what to look for in others or improve yourself. With that being said, here are the most common ones to avoid:

  1. Not Studying the Maps

The game has a lot of maps, and when you’re about to choose one to play on, you should study its surroundings and learn about the best or worst spots. Not studying it could end badly on your behalf, because you would not know where the enemies are hiding, what are the alternate routes, where is the best spot to strike from, and so on.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to know everything about every map in the game – there are too many. Choose a few you like the most and study them.

  1. Playing Without Your Team

When you have a team in a game, it’s there for a reason. In other words, you can’t play alone, not if you want to ensure your victory.

In CS: GO, you can communicate with your team in the chat, so if you’re playing competitive, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t communicate. By refraining from chatting with your teammates, you’ll get the defeat.

Gaming Gangout : Counter Strike 1.6 Vs Counter Strike Global Offensive

Gaming Gangout : Counter Strike 1.6 Vs Counter Strike Global Offensive

  1. Hunting When the Bomb Has Been Planted

If you’re left in a 1 vs X situation, you may have to plant a bomb and tease the enemy to come from hiding. A lot of beginners are going to hunt themselves though, exposing themselves and losing. If there are more enemies left on the other team and you’re alone, this could be even more difficult. Make sure you don’t go from hiding after you planted the bomb.

  1. Running while Shooting

Sure, you may have to be on the run a lot, but also focus on beating the opponent team. Running while trying to aim may be something you end up doing as a beginner, but it could be a mistake. While other games may work when doing this, CS: GO is different. If you run while trying to shoot, you will miss your targets and end up not doing anything useful.

  1. Not Using the Radar

Another common mistake made by beginners is not using the radar. Whether you have good communication with your team or not, using it could help a lot, because you will know where your teammates are. As such, you will know what strategy to follow according to the spots they are hiding in, having better chances to win.

Final Thoughts

When playing CS: GO, you’re bound to make some mistakes at the beginning until you get accustomed to it. However, having an idea about them will make you pay more attention and do your best to avoid them. Make sure you memorize the ones in this article and not do them.

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