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Top Common CS: GO Beginner Mistakes to Avoid

CS: GO is not the easiest game ever. Although it doesn’t mean it’s the most difficult one either, there are certainly a lot of things to know if you don’t want others to rudely shout “noob” at you in the chat. Before you open your case here, knowing some beginner mistakes could be really helpful, whether you want to know what to look for in others or improve yourself. With that being said, here are the most common ones to avoid: Not Studying the Maps The game has a lot of maps, and when you’re about to choose one to play on, you should study its surroundings and learn about the best or worst spots. Not studying it could end badly on your behalf, because you would not know where the enemies are hiding, what are the alternate routes, where is the best spot to strike from, and so on. Of cours...

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