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Top 7 Best Mobile Games To Play In May 2017

Top 7 Best Mobile Games To Play In May 2017

There is no shortage of developers coming out with exciting games every month and May is none the less with some very exciting games to look forward to:

1. Trailer Park Boy: Greasy Money

The Trailer Park Boy franchise is one you may not have heard of yet then do not worry. Otherwise you’d already know about Sunnyvale and misadventures of Ricky, Julian, Bubbles and the gang. In this version you’ll be able to run the town of Sunnyvale by yourself. Unlock more than 30 characters, collect booze and cards to upgrade your buildings and get other people to work for you if you’re not feeling up to it (which is more than often).


2. NonStop Chuck Norris

It’s a mobile game, and its about Chuck Norris. Now if this is not one download in your phone by the end of this article is it right to call yourself a gamer. HELL NO! watch the trailer and you’ll know what you’re getting into and yes, its giving out a much deserved bashing to a lot of bad guys. You also get to collect weapons and a few SideKicks AND learn even more about the God himself. I’m in.


3. CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

There is a good chance you’ve played Cut the Rope and King of Thieves. Its the same developer for this game except, CATS is an action-packed PvP in which you can customize robots fighting it out. Also, they’re driven by cats. Don’t worry cats lovers, no cats we’re harmed in the making.


4. Evergrow: Paper Forest

A parent at some point must have wondered how much their child may have lacked imagination but not the ones that gave birth to the kid whose room is set in this game. This beautiful puzzle is set in a kid’s room with a boardgame series of titles that need to be filled with Grass that the characters made themselves. Out of paper. Probably why the name. Any which way, the game looks good and plays good and the story is one to definitely look for in this one.


5. Office Space: Idle Profits

If Office Space is a name that rings a bell and you know what its about, then you’re definitely going to want check this out. The idea is not to let Bobs win so you will be helping out Peter, Samir and Michael Bolton beat Lumbergh. Also, there’s something fitting about Office Space and idle genre being together so it fits in just about right.


6. Get Me Outta Here

Boxers and a gown. Tha is what you we’re wearing when the aliens decided then wanted to kidnap the character and now the you have to help him get back at aliens. And what are you going to do? That’s right, grab them by their…. weapons and shoot back at them. Blasting through tons of aliens and your cow, yup, they’ve equipped your own cow with weapon and turned against you. Now one is standing up to this and nor should you so lets get shooting.


7. Bomb Hunters

Basically you are a part of a bomb disposal expert group making the choice of whether to cut the red or the blue wire (exactly like the ones in the movies). Its not only just about disposing the bombs, but also to find it given theres traffic to get by and enemies guarding some of the sites. Ten characters and five different locations means this roller coaster is a never ending one.


This is it for May 2017 and lets look forward to June.

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