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Titanfall gameplay preview

Titanfall gameplay preview

This year’s E3 gaming expo has made one thing clear… it’s that we’ve got some serious first person shooters in the pipeline. Titanfall looks to be one such title. In the same year as Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim gets a theatrical release, Titanfall certainly has its finger on the mecha-robot trend’s pulse. Play as a futuristic pilot shooter or gear up and dive into a giant mechanized suit known as a Titan. But you needn’t make that decision at the beginning of the game the  focus has been on seamless integration between one and the other during play.

That’s Titanfall’s hook. As a pilot there are certain routes through levels or access points not reachable when suited up, while the inclusion of a jetpack gives plenty of wall-bouncing height to navigate through levels; whereas as a mechanical Titan you’ll have access to a more powerful arsenal of weapons but are generally more exposed.

Mounting up into a Titan feels as quick as selecting a big gun in any typical first person shooter – it’s not a gameplay interrupter, which is an essential to keep the action flowing. Once in you’re immediately taller, faster and more powerful.  Check out the trailer and immerse yourself in the upcoming game.

Titanfall Smashes The Line Between Solo And Multiplayer Experiences, Respawn is developing the game for high-end PCs and the Xbox One, which affords them additional in-game horsepower. One noticeable implementation of that power comes in the battlefields themselves, which can be filled with dozens of AI characters. These characters act as both friend and foe, and help to make the matches feel as densely populated as traditional FPS story missions. They do more than shout “reloading” and “cover me,” too. Some are used in scripted vignettes, so you might enter a room and see several soldiers clustered around a wounded comrade as another performs CPR. Or you could surprise a group and watch them scatter in fear.



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