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The BenQ XL2430T Gaming Monitor Review

The BenQ XL2430T Gaming Monitor Review

When you’re gaming, speed can mean the difference between winning and losing, which is why most gamers require a blazing-fast PC with lots of graphics horsepower. However, it just doesn’t make sense to pair all that PC hardware with a monitor designed for everyday use.

BenQ’s XL2430T is an upgraded version of the previous XL2420T monitor.

This monitor’s key usage relies on its gaming performance, featuring a native 144hz refresh rate, which is currently the highest usable native refresh rate available on monitors today. The 144hz refresh rate not only allows much smoother motion clarity, but also reduces input lag if your PC is capable of handling it.

One of the strongest points of the XL2720Z was the plethora of connectivity options, and the XL2430T carries over the XL2720Z’s legacy in this regard. As one of BenQ’s premium gaming monitors, the XL2430T comes equipped with DVI, D-Sub, DisplayPort, and two HDMI ports. It also comes with a mini-USB connector to connect the S-Switch, two microphone jacks, a headphone jack, and two USB 3.0 ports located along the side.

There is a retractable headphone hook located above the USB ports; a very clever addition for those that use headphones. With this monitor, you will most certainly need a pair, as there are no speakers built into the XL2430T. It would have been nice for BenQ to include basic speakers, similar to the ones that are present in their other monitors.


If you are planning to use relatively decent headphones with a high impedance, I highly recommend utilizing an external amplifier to boost audio quality and provide sufficient volume.

The XL2430T also includes a redesigned S-Switch, which was one of my favorite features of the previous XL2720Z gaming monitor that I reviewed. This circular device connects to the monitor’s mini-USB port and acts as a controller for quick OSD operation and configuration. I absolutely love the fact that BenQ designed a groove into the monitor’s stand to properly seat the S-Switch, preventing it from lingering around your desk if you’re picky about keeping things neat.

The new design feels very mouse-like; it features a scroll wheel button that’s no bigger than the ones found in most mice on the market. There are 5 buttons on the S-Switch: Back/Return, Auto Mode, and three buttons to select the Gamer 1, 2, and 3 preset picture modes. The greatest benefit of using the S-Switch is the improved responsiveness of the OSD; making selections feel quick and tactile, allowing you to make adjustments a lot quicker than using the buttons located on the monitor’s bezel.

Ben 1

the completely new aluminum stand that BenQ has fitted onto the XL2430T. It feels very premium and solid when compared to most plastic stands, even the heaviest ones used on larger monitors. There is absolutely no wobble unless you go to extreme lengths, and the stand allows complete height adjustment, tilt, horizontal and vertical rotation, for those that require portrait orientation.

The stand has a curved design to it, separating it from the typical straight stands you see outfitted on most monitors. The base is made of hard plastic, unlike the stand itself, but remains equally sturdy. The base is designed to allow free rotation of the monitor, without moving the base itself. A dust cover is also included for those that want to keep their monitor dust-free when not in use.

Ben 2

The buttons are made of the same hard plastic as the bezel, and feel very sturdy upon first touch. They are responsive and it is unlikely that you will encounter any accidental presses when utilizing them. If the buttons aren’t to your liking, you always have the option to resort to the included S-Switch, which allows faster OSD operation. I have no complaints against the buttons during my time with the XL2430T.

Verdict: The BenQ XL2430T is an impressive monitor that does exactly what it was designed to do: provide an excellent gaming experience. The 144hz refresh rate allows you to achieve better motion clarity over 60hz monitors if your PC can handle it, and the strobing backlight further enhances resolution in fast moving content. Even when used as a 60hz monitor, the 10ms input lag falls under our “excellent” category, being one of the fastest monitors available on the market. The XL2430T normally retails for Rs. 35,000.

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