XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Why Games can make great TV Content

Gaming and TV have always been such uneasy bed-fellows, wouldn’t you say? Apart from giving us a screen on which to project our innermost fantasies and perversions through the medium of console gaming, the humble idiot box has done deplorably little to capitalise on its shared DNA with our favourite time-sink. Instead, we get this. But here’s a thought. With game-to-film adaptations falling flat, what if we shift focus to the small screen? Games have it all; compelling plots, relatable characters and more explosions and dragons you can shake a remote at. I mean, it’s not like we have anything better to watch on our 50 inch flat screens anyway. In a world where a show featuring the horribly tanned plastic people above can get green-lit, why haven’t the following games become serials yet? Yo...

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