Author: Aditya Sardesai

4 Reasons Why PS4 Is Crap

Before you almost fall off your chair and lean intently towards the screen thinking–“saale ne kya kaha??” Just want you to know this is an opinion piece and that the PS4 is a good gaming console no doubt, but there are a few areas I felt it needs to pick up its slack.   The PlayStation 4 is the result of careful consumer study and balanced research into what makes a console ...

Why Games can make great TV Content

Gaming and TV have always been such uneasy bed-fellows, wouldn’t you say? Apart from giving us a screen on which to project our innermost fantasies and perversions through the medium of console gaming, the humble idiot box has done deplorably little to capitalise on its shared DNA with our favourite time-sink. Instead, we get this. But here’s a thought. With game-to-film adaptations falling flat, ...

The art of Box Art :)

This time we delve a bit deep into the Science of Box Art, so lets get started 🙂 From the day we’re born to the day we die, everyone always tells us, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Well, tough. I’m going to judge because who the hell has time to read that shit anymore? But when it comes to dropping $60 on a brand new game, bad box art can send up all kinds of red flags.                        ...

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